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Gobelin (English)

Sunday 20 March 2005, by Moi

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Completing the Orcs, Gobelins were born from Mehia, who modelled them to counter the warrior and rough aspect of the orcs.
They like sailing, coasts and island places.


Small, thin, Gobelins show a rangy profile, with pointed ears. Thier faces are angular, nose as a prey bird and sharp but ordered teeth. Partly appealing, their apsect is completely different from the humanoids. Their filiform, strengthless fingers are terminated by short claws.
Their body is completely hairless. Thy are cunning, hiding, and work deviously.


Gobelins are found most of the time in small burgsd close to rivers or seas. Houses are built on stilt so as to avoid floodings and wilds animals. Gobelins are very good sailers and can leave for very long tripsduring several months.

Clothing customs

Traditional clothing present seashells. The materials are stuffed with feathers and coated with fat in order to drive them water-proof.

Feeding habits

Due to their mainly aquatic situation, Gobelins eat seafood. They are also very good fishermen.


Gobelins are very attentive to their clothing and their art is principally dress-making, as they always tend to create new and esthetic clothings.